First ARIDLL workshop United Kingdom

ARIDLL project is beginning its first round of local Augmented Reality authoring workshops for language teachers and instructional designers.

Training workshop

Learn about Augmented Reality

Build your own educational resources

ARIDLL workshop is designed for language teachers and instructional designers who are interested in learning about and applying new digital technologies.

The workshop is organize by the ARIDLL project, and EU-funded initiative to explore and consolidate best practices of applying Augmented Reality technology to language learning.

The ARIDLL team will support those participants who would like to use the tools and methods introduced at the workshop in their professional practice.

The workshop is open for anyone interested in the topic. The workshop is free.

Milton Keynes

📌 The Open University (website)

📌Meeting room 1, Jennie Lee Building

11 October 2023

Date: Wednesday 🗓️ 11 October 2023

Time: 10:00-17:00

2023/10/11 10:00:00

Mobile AR

Hands-on experience with Augmented Realty on tablets and smart phones

AR tablet

AR smart glasses

Hands-on experience with Augmented Realty smart glasses


The workshop forms part of ARIDLL (Augmented Reality Design for Language Learning), a three year EU-funded project composed of seven educational institutions across Europe whose aim is to explore and consolidate effective ways of enhancing language learning through the application of Augmented Reality technologies, and will involve several non-OU members of the project.

Although the project refers to language learning, the technology has the potential to enhance our applied linguistics modules as well, hence the invitation to colleagues across the school as a whole.

The workshop will offer you the opportunity to:

  • learn more about the potential and current limitations of Augmented Reality technologies in connection with language education
  • suggest the kinds of functionalities that might be useful
  • design an Augmented Reality activity usi88ng the Mirage XR software provided
  • look ahead to possible opportunities for incorporating pilot Augmented Reality elements into existing or new LAL modules, as well as the virtual residential school
  • provide feedback to inform the next steps of the project

Attendance will be in person only and numbers will be limited. Refreshments will be available and vouchers will be provided for lunch in the Hub for those attending all day.

To reserve a place, please email joan.oliver[at]

🗓️ 11 October 2023



Jennie Lee Building, The Open University