Second ARIDLL workshop Greece

ARIDLL project is beginning its second round of local Augmented Reality authoring workshops for language teachers and instructional designers!



Training workshop

Learn about Augmented Reality

Build your own educational resources

In the second round of workshops, we are more experience to share and more examples of educational content that we can demonstrate to the participants. The Augmented Reality application we use is now more advanced and will allow the participants to get more done during the workshop!

ARIDLL workshop is designed for language teachers and instructional designers who are interested in learning about and applying new digital technologies.

The workshop is organize by the ARIDLL project, and EU-funded initiative to explore and consolidate best practices of applying Augmented Reality technology to language learning.

The ARIDLL team will support those participants who would like to use the tools and methods introduced at the workshop in their professional practice.

The workshop is open for anyone interested in the topic. The workshop is free.


📌 15th Primary school of Evosmos (website)

📌Θάλειας, Nemeas και, Evosmos 562 24

2 June 2024

Sunday 🗓️ 2 June 2024


2024/06/02 10:00:00

Mobile AR

The participants will be able to experience Augmented Realty on their own smartphones, but also work on the most advanced tablet devices Apple iPad Pro, which are equipped with the LIDAR sensor for an improved Augmented Reality experience.

AR tablet

AR smart glasses

The participants of the workshop will experience the latest Mixed Reality smart glasses device Apple Vision Pro that uses passthrough cameras to allow using it for Augmented Reality. The device has just been release in February 2024 and still available for purchase only in the USA.

Apple vision pro, illustration by Joy Siloko
Apple vision pro, illustration by Joy Siloko


🗓️ 2 June 2024 Morning


🗓️ 2 June 2024 Afternoon



15th Primary school of Evosmos 

15th Primary school of Evosmos